5 essentials for long haul flights

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Long haul is often uncomfortable. To avoid spoiling the pleasure of flying to new horizons, here are our five essentials to land in good shape, ready for all adventures!

1/ The sleeper kit: head cushion, eyes mask, earplugs, big socks and scarf: there are the basics if you intend to sleep during your flight. Crying children, constant light in the cabin, noisy neighbors... there are many obstacles to your sleep and an eye mask and earplugs will limit interference. To feel at home and avoid neck stiffness, the head cushion will be your best ally. You find all kinds! Our favorites are those you inflate yourself; it takes no place in your bag. And if you want to get maximum comfort, think about taking big socks to comfortably remove your shoes during the flight and a scarf in case the airline does not provide coverage.

2/ The beauty kit: gentlemen, you are also concerned by this essential n° 2! A moisturizer, a lipstick, a hand cream and a toothbrush. The dry air and the air conditioning in the cabin can dry your skin very quickly. To be fresh on your arrival, think of course of hydrating yourself regularly during the flight by drinking water. The application of a good moisturizer during the flight will not be superfluous to have a beautiful complexion while fresh. If you also brush your teeth before landing ... no one will suspect that you have spent several hours in the air!

3/ The panoply of the geek: headphones are often provided by the airlines, but we strongly advise you to think of taking yours, more comfortable. And do not forget your phone charger to avoid falling out of battery in the middle of your special pre-prepared travel playlist! Some companies offer electrical outlets to your seat. If this is not the case, consider buying a Power Bank.

4/ Chewing gums: it is well known, the high atmospheric pressure in the cabin of airplane can make the descent uncomfortable, even painful for your eardrums. Chewing helps to regulate the barometric pressure between your ears and the outside environment.

If you do not like chewing gum, you can also drink water or yawn several times. The mechanism will be the same and the air will help to balance the pressure on the ears.

5/ Your Airplane Belt: Airplane safety is paramount. That's why we do not laugh with his belt. So do not forget your Airplane Belt to take off and land with style ... that's what we recognize real travelers! And then two precautions are better than one …

What about you ? What is your essential to enjoy long haul flights comfortably?

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